Requiescat In Pace

St Marys, Kidwelly, Carmarthenshire, Wales


In Loving memory of

of this town
Died Jan 12 1894
Aged 64
eldest son of the above
Chief Officer of the S.S. Dragoman
who died from burns received in
an explosion on the above ship
Feb 17 1895
aged 32
Also H.R.H. Harry third son
of the above, died at sea
Dec 27 1884
aged 15

Thy will be done

Also of JOHN DAVIDS second son [???]


This is confusing until research on the S.S. Dragoman identified the William Maliphant as being a Mr Davids, Maliphant being his middle name – see the second image of the newspaper article.

H.R.H. is not a royal connection (!), the full name of the third son was Hugh Richard Henry.

Sadly, as at December 2020, the stone is laid face down in the graveyard as it was deemed to be unsafe. We will get the last few details off the bottom of the memorial if it is ever overturned.

We have yet to track the connection to our family.

William Maliphant DAVIDS [##n/k]
appears on Chart

Image sent by Victoria Maliphant [##49015]